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Our History

​Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church (CMBC) was founded, April 26, 1992, under the leadership of Pastor, M. T. McGarity.  Several baptized believers soon followed and the congregation became a small body of Christ. 

After two year, Pastor McGarity felt it was the will of God that he step down as pastor.  At that time, Rev. Donald A. Frazier was preaching at CMBC on the 4th Sunday of each month and was called to serve as Pastor of Corner Stone Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Frazier demonstration early on to be a strong and capable leader.  His first project was a neighborhood dinner.  The purpose was to allow the people in the Fountain, Colorado community to get to know each other.  This event proved to be successful. Hundreds of flyers were distributed through out the community with an invitation to join the congregation and it grew!

The church Sunday School thrived and the choir and youth departments were formed.  Later in 1994, the Board of Ushers were established and the church appeared to be on an upswing.  We were blessed with Deacons and an Associate Minister.


By early 1996, several families with children united with Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church and our youth department became more active.  It was apparent that the young people of CMBC were serious about doing the will of God and they purchased uniforms and God continued to bless them.


During the ensuing years, we hosted many revivals, yearly Vacation Bible Schools, women retreats, first Sunday dinners, theatrical productions, and youth programs. We also created a "Memorial Tree" so that families and individuals could purchase a 'Golden Leaf" in memory of loved ones to hand on the wall of our permanent church building. 

Cornerstone is a body of believers with wide spectrum of talented individuals and we choose to honor and utilize them to the honor and glory of God's Kingdom.  


As we grow in numbers we continue to look forward to the higher calling of Christ.  Under the strong hand of Pastor Donald A. Frazier, we can see our dream of a new edifice being completed.  Our land has already been purchased, our plans drafted and our model is ready. More importantly, our membership is determined and our pastor is prayerful.  

With God at the helm and the center of our lives, we will march on to our calling in Christ Jesus.

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